Consolidated Aviation Services
For cargo, passenger and
ramp handling


At CAS we believe our people are what make us special. Take a look at our photo gallery to see for yourself.
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Delivering safe and outstanding service in not just cargo but ramp, mail and passenger handling.

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At Consolidated Aviation Services (CAS) we offer our customers a solid, robust end-to-end solution delivering safe and outstanding service in not just cargo but passenger, ramp and mail handling.

Over the past 12 months, we have achieved impressive and consistent growth and are now rapidly emerging as the new alternative service provider for passenger and ground handling.

Today, CAS operates from its headquarters in New York and regionally from Dallas, Miami and expanding into South America. We are the largest cargo handler in North America supporting over 250 airline customers.

CAS facts

  • Operate at 48 stations supported by a national team of more than 4,100 people.
  • Serve over 250 airline customers handling over 9,500 flights and 1.6 billion kilos of cargo per annum.
  • Manage 74 facilities and lease 2,135,431 sq ft of warehouse and offices across the network.
  • Handle and sort 7 million lbs of mail per week (364 million per annum).
  • Turn 53,000 freighters per annum.
  • Provide passenger ramp handling at 5 airports – DEN, IAH, LAX, PHX and SEA.

Our mission.

“To look after those who are looking after you. Our people are our business. Through training, systems, innovation and a commitment to passionately believe we can continually improve, for a better tomorrow.”

Over the past 12 months we have achieved impressive & consistent growth. Our network has expanded from 14 to 46 airports and our workforce has doubled with now over 4,000 staff in our team.

Most importantly, we can offer our customers a solid, robust one-solution option – delivering safe and outstanding service, not just in cargo handling but ramp, mail and passenger handling.

We have the locations, we have the people, we have the services and are continuing to invest in industry-leading software – so why do we stand out?

The answer is, after we have set up the systems, after we have secured the contracts and after we get it right that day…the next day, we do it even better.

Our customers