We don’t just insist on it, we reward those who help us deliver it.

Put simply, implementing the ‘CIRCLE of Trust’ every day is the most important aspect of our jobs.

Safety & security are our top priorities. All our staff are trained and proud to wear the CIRCLE badge on their sleeve.

Wearing the HEART badge along with the CIRCLE will demonstrate to the aviation workforce and our customers that we are a team that understands safety & security and that we respect those around us, and those around us respect us.

  • areful – the costs of carelessness exceeds far more than money
  • nform – others if you see anything that could compromise safety or security
  • eliable – be reliable and always remain vigilant in and around the airport
  • ompliant – be compliant with all regulations. Be clear and only do the job you are trained to do
  • ook, listen and learn – listen to what you have been taught and always keep a look out for any potential security breaches
  • ducate – you are now part of the ‘CIRCLE of Trust’ – it is now your job to educate others


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Keeping informed

Alongside the CAS Learning Academy, ‘CIRCLE of Trust’ posters, training cards and information are regularly communicated.

Safety and security

At CAS, the VP Security, Govt. Compliance & Safety oversees safety and security for the CAS Network

The CAS security team is directed by the VP of Security, Government Compliance & Safety who reports to the CAS COO. He is a former TSA Transportation Security Specialist out of Washington, DC with 35+ years of ground handling and air carrier operations experience (considerable years with Japan Airlines & British Airways).


Safety Team

Directors of safety for eastern and western regions with strong safety/operational backgrounds. Station safety advisors for each location report to the regional directors.


Security Team

Security directors have a vast and diverse blend of experience in security. One of our directors of security is a former US Customs Officer (13 yrs) and the other a retired New York City Police Officer.


Monthly Station Self Audits

Station GM’s are required to perform “self audits” of their operations, including the safety and security of their facilities. Safety & security directors perform scheduled follow up audits at all locations.

Our customers