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Revolutionizing the cargo handling industry.

A unique cargo management system that takes what was once manual and time consuming, and automates it.

Flight data, tracking, payment, discrepancies and more are available online to everyone in the cargo handling chain. Every stage of the cargo lifecycle is managed through a proprietary system that consists of three key elements:

  • 1. ePic Messaging Engine

    Designed specifically for CAS, this powerful tool transmits incoming airline flight data via IATA messaging to the ePic Customer Service Portal and the ePic Mobile Warehouse Management System.

  • 2. ePic Customer Service Portal

    Released in October 2010, this never-before-seen web-based hub enables forwarders and brokers to manage, track and reconcile their shipments online, saving countless phone calls and hours that can now be spent elsewhere.

    The portal provides:

    • Online payment options
    • Cargo tracking at every stage of the process
    • Printable carrier certificates
    • Robust accounting and settlement reports
    • Auto-notifications
    • User account management features

    The portal is already being utilized by hundreds of forwarders, brokers and trucking companies across the U.S.

  • 3. ePic Mobile Warehouse Management System

    The ePic Mobile Warehouse Management System uses the latest mobile technology to bring the power and functionality of the Engine and Portal to the front lines – the warehouse floor.

    The System uses an Apple iPad, mounted directly to the forklifts, to run the in-house cargo warehouse operating system. Now cargo and data are connected, optimizing the process between the documentation department and the warehouse.

    For the first time in the industry, these tablets are being used to electronically update cargo handling information at the warehouse level and make it instantly available to every party in the logistic chain.

    From incoming flight data to ULD breakdown and acceptance, each stakeholder gains full visibility into the complete lifecycle of the shipment, all in real time.

ePic Customer Service Portal

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Why ePic?

CAS has always had a mission to be a different kind of cargo company. It strives to empower CAS employees and business partners to operate and collaborate in a smarter, more efficient way. It therefore partnered with a CAS-dedicated development team to create an entirely new paradigm we call ePic.

Through automation and real-time updates, ePic eliminates the archaic, time-consuming, duplicative processes between the warehouse and traffic while reducing the risk for human errors. No more phone calls, manual note taking and walks through the warehouses to identify cargo. Instead, it leverages the latest technology to allow stakeholders to access cargo information from anywhere at any time from their computers. This not only means complete visibility into each stage of the cargo handling process, but faster notifications, delivery times and payments.

CAS has been able to use this innovative technology to eliminate processes and reduce handling times significantly, all while improving quality. That means clients receive their shipments faster. No other cargo company in the world has been able to achieve such efficiencies.

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