CAS provides a full line of cargo handling services along with our industry leading ePic system that allows our customers to track and follow their cargo with real time information throughout the supply chain.

  • Cargo warehousing and handling

    As the dominant cargo handling operator in North America, CAS has the experience, resources and world-class facilities to handle all types and sizes of cargo. More than 250 airline customers rely on CAS for the safe and secure handling of shipments whether for export, import, or transition.

  • Perishable and valuable cargo handling

    Our cold room facilities allow us to handle the broadest range of perishables, from fresh produce to chilled meat, from cut flowers to temperature sensitive medicines. We can also be trusted to take charge of valuables, such as bank notes, precious metals, and confidential documents thanks to our fully secured warehouses and secure operating procedures.

  • Charter handling

    CAS has the experience and expertise to handle specialized cargo such as pharmaceuticals, perishables, high value, and live animals to allow you confidence that your customers’ products will receive the handling they expect.

  • Cargo aircraft ramp handling and parking

    The safety and speed of our ramp handling operation gives our clients the best turnround times possible. An airlines’ most valuable assets are available more quickly to do the work their customers demand.

  • Cargo import/export documentation

    For safety, security and simply for avoiding delays, we recognise that it’s as important to handle the paperwork as carefully as we handle the cargo. With years of experience, we can ensure that your documents are right first time, every time.

  • Cargo transfer and line haul

    Our expertise in cross-docking gives our customers an economical and efficient option for transferring freight from air to inland transportation hubs or sea-ports.

  • Cargo screening

    CAS is committed to the safety and security of our customers’ cargo. We screen all freight in accordance with TSA and carriers’ security requirements.

  • Trucking services and logistics

    Working with our network of trusted partners, we can provide a door-to-door delivery service for any item of cargo. We already work with major logistics companies like UPS and the US Postal Service, meaning our clients have instant access to the best delivery options.




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