CAS is rapidly emerging as the new alternative service provider for passenger, ramp and ground handling. With the acquisition of IAS, a proven passenger ground handler, came great experience and logistical expertise.

  • Passenger handling services

    Our staff ensure the smooth handling of passengers throughout their airport experience. This service is provided to all carriers based on their individual systems of operation. Key areas of customer service include ticketing, passenger and baggage check-in, passenger assistance, gate and boarding, private charter, security screening and special services.

  • passenger-aircraft-ramp

    Passenger aircraft ramp

    We focus on being our customers’ partner with below wing services such as aircraft towing, baggage loading/unloading, ground power and de-icing services.

  • Cabin cleaning

    CAS is committed to keeping aircraft cabins clean and the flights running on time. We offer complete attention to detail with trash disposal, wiping down surfaces, vacuuming, refreshing lavatories and restocking the aircraft.

  • Security sweep

    Security and safety for our customers and their aircraft is of the upmost importance to us.  Our employees are trained in aircraft security that adheres to TSA regulations and carrier requirements.

  • Baggage services

    We provide offloading baggage services that include unloading, sorting and delivering baggage to other carriers, and transporting terminating baggage from ramp to carousel, as well as handling secure control check-in of baggage from screening to loading the plane.

  • Charter services

    CAS has experience and expertise for passenger charter services to include sports team handling.




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