We recognise that our people are at the HEART of what we do every day.

Every day we have over 4,000 staff that represent CAS to our customers.

We want all our customers to understand that by wearing the HEART badge our staff are well trained professionals doing the specific job they are trained to do and care about. All of our team wear their HEART on their sleeve. With HEART we focus on being:

  • elpful – to our customers and colleagues, we show we care
  • fficient – we do what we do well
  • lert – to all safety & security risks
  • esponsible – to ourselves, team and our customers
  • rained – to do the job professionally


It’s important to listen and respect our employees’ views. That’s why we have created the HEART App. Every staff member with the App has direct access to important information, training and a care line should they need it. It gives support, job & career information and useful contacts, latest news and anonymous feedback.

It’s our employees’ way to talk to us regarding:

  • Their job and any assistance they may need
  • Any ideas they have
  • Reporting anything that’s happening in the workplace they feel is unsafe or unhelpful
  • The only information we send them is an update on what’s going on around the CAS stations and at HQ

Our HR platform

With HEART, there are a number of tools utilized in communicating to staff. These include:

  • Comprehensive employee Welcome and Career Pack
  • Regular newsletters
  • Company wide intranet
  • Communication alerts through payroll
  • Operational daily pre-op briefing

Our customers