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Our HR Platform:


Good communication with each other is at the HEART of our success; CAS has created a Human Resources platform with communication tools designed to empower the CAS team and inspire them to reach their potential.

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Our Training, Safety & Security Program:


CIRCLE is the campaign that is helping CAS to achieve the highest standards for safety and security, protecting our staff, our passengers and the customers we serve.

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Our Innovative IT:


ICE describes our approach to innovation and the sensible implementation of new technology (such as ePic) that help us give the best service to our customers.

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CAS Learning Academy

CAS has rolled out the CAS Learning Academy with an online program called LMS, a Learning Management System.

The program has been created to automate training systems for our employees with accessible online courses and flexible schedules.

Modules were created to include:

  • Standardized job specific training
  • Regulatory compliance training in Dangerous Goods, TSA and OSHA.

ePic Customer
Service Portal

ePic is the most innovative, real-time cargo management system in the industry that takes what was once a manual and time-consuming process, and automates it. It eliminates the time-consuming, duplicative processes between the warehouse and traffic department, while reducing the risk for human errors.

It leverages the latest technology and allows stakeholders to access information from anywhere at any time – giving complete visibility at each stage of the cargo handling process. CAS has used this innovative technology to eliminate unnecessary processes and reduce handling times significantly while improving quality. That means our clients ultimately receive their shipments faster.

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Join us today.

CAS is committed to providing great career opportunities to staff at every level of the company, and we value their role and the feedback from everyone. This is an exciting time to join us, as we embark on a period of growth, meaning great potential for career advancement for the people who can demonstrate their desire to be the best. Register your interest below.

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